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Between the rise of Islamic fundamentalist activity spilling over the borders of its neighboring countries, and the fact that the recently elected Erdogan has already exhibited increasingly autocratic tendencies, and a severe dislike for dissention, it would be prudent to keep both eyes open...Putin is bust trying to start World War 3 in Eastern Europe, the Jihadis are busy trying to do the same in the Middle East.This time, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu is affected - he was set to speak in Hamburg.() After rejecting the Turkish president's remarks, Berlin has urged both countries to "keep cool heads." Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused German authorities of "Nazi practices" after several cities canceled referendum rallies.Ankara accuses Berlin of "meddling" in its controversial push to broaden presidential powers.() Four towns in relatively quick succession have now canceled Turkish rallies in support of expanding President Erdogan's powers.

() Turkey's prime minister said a call with the German chancellor went well.

But Der Spiegel is wittering about who listened to whose telephone calls. Merkel caved in Ukraine after saying the war must end and she would provide almost a billion dollars to re-build eastern Ukraine.